Childhood Obesity is Becoming

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Healthy Eating for Kids

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Healthy Recipes That
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These delicious, child-tested recipes are healthy yet quick to prepare, specially designed for today's hectic lifestyle.

Barbara Schaffer despaired of ever teaching her daughter Jennifer to eat healthily. Jennifer insisted she hated vegetables and fussed about any meals that did not feature her favorite foods, which included calorie bombs like french fries, hot dogs, hamburgers, and fish sticks. Jennifer's weight was rising steadily, and she was oftentimes tired and dragging by the end of the school day.

The Youth Fitness Solution

 Your final solution and guarenteed fix to THE SINGLE GREATEST CRISIS facing your family.
Harsh words, no doubt.
But not the least bit inflammatory.

An epidemic of mass proportions has gripped our world.
And it's not the kind of misfortune you see on T.V. Or the type of international crisis that you know is going on in some far away place, but has no real effect on your life. This crisis has to do with you and your children.
It exists in your home.
And it's destroying your family.

Yummy Healthy Tummy

How To Keep Your Kids Weight Down While Reducing Risk For Diabetes, Heart Disease & Cancer By As Much As 40%... Just By Encouraging Healthy Eating! Learn How To Prepare:
  • Healthy Meals That YOUR KIDS WILL LOVE
  • Nutritious Snacks That FIT YOUR BUDGET
  • Wholesome Desserts That Are QUICK and EASY to Make
 Get Your Kids To Want To Eat Healthy Food, Fish And Veggies!

Learn Healthy Meals

Want To LearnHow To Make Truly
Healthy Meals in Just Minutes?

Some facts about what you're eating... and why you shouldn't waste another
minute or eat another meal until you read every word of this letter!

One simple change to when you eat can improve your health 100%. One restaurant meal often contains over 1,500 calories, nearly a full days allowance for many adults!
Most recipes are NOT healthy and are filled with disease causing ingredients. You're most likely eating the number one disease producing food in the U.S., killing over 600,000 a year.

Sensational Smoothies

Now, Discover An Easy, Cheap, & Delicious Path To A Healthy Lifestyle With This Collection Of Over 180 Refreshing Smoothie Recipes Designed To Keep You And Your Children Fit & Satisfied! Staying Healthy Has Never Been So Easy!      
Filling, easy to digest and fun to drink!
      Quick and easy to prepare – A “complete” meal under 2 minutes!
      Makes use of ingredients that are delicious, inexpensive and readily available
      Makes it easy for you to meet your daily vitamin requirements
      Great to serve as a refreshing drink to family and friends.

Amazing Smoothies

Getting your 5 a day?
Most people don’t. Enjoying healthy food doesn’t have to be a hassle. You can prepare tasty, healthy meals in just seconds. Learn the secrets to good health and safe weight loss found in the smoothie recipes in this 114 page ebook,

Amazing Smoothies.

Getting your 5 A Day is fun and easy with
 Amazing Smoothies.
Fruits and vegetables were never so simple and delicious. Many of the recipes found in
Amazing Smoothies
contain MORE than five servings of vitamin packed fruits and vegetables.
Also great for people following a raw diet, with one whirl of the blender, you can boost your family’s health by serving them super foods rich in antioxidants.